KUALA LUMPUR: For every athlete, being in peak physical and physiological condition is necessary when participating in sporting events.

However, suffering a sports injury can be devastating as it does not only cause physical pain, but also consumes a lot of time for the recovery process.

This is where deep tissue laser therapy (DTLT) – a surgery-free, drug-free, and non-invasive modality – comes to the rescue where it also enhances pain management, prevents inflammation, and promises faster healing time.

According to the founder of Lightheal Pain Relief (Lightheal), Sandra De’ Cruz (pic), DTLT applies a technology called photobiomodulation process, which uses light energy to stimulate the healing process quickly and the treatment guaranteed 99 percent success.

The laser technology is clinically proven to heal sports injuries in less than half the time as compared with other conventional physiotherapy treatments because the photon energy penetrates deeply into tissue to accelerate cellular reproduction and activates growth factors.

“Let’s say if a compound fracture takes around 90 days to heal, then with DTLT, you only need 30 days for recovery,” she told Bernama in an exclusive interview recently. – Bernama