Latest SOPs for travellers to Sarawak

Kuching International airport.

KUCHING: Fully vaccinated long distance couples and parents with children below 18 years old are permitted to enter Sarawak if they have negative rT-PCR test results.

The State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), however, pointed out today that these parents and the long distance spouses also required police approval before travelling to Sarawak.

“In addition, upon entry, for those who are visiting for more than three days, it is still mandatory for them to undergo the 14-day quarantine at designated centres.

“Meanwhile, those who are visiting for less than three days, are permitted to be under home quarantine with their whole households on condition  that there are no vulnerable or immune-compromised individuals,” the committee added.

It explained that non-Sarawakians had to bear the cost of quarantine unless they were married to Sarawakians.

The SDMC said that for essential services or official travelling, the applicants must also have negative rT-PCR test results, be fully vaccinated as well as letters of invitations from companies.

“For official traveling applicants who are staying for more than three days, similar conditions apply to them in addition with letters of approval to enter from the SDMC. They will be quarantined and   released after the swab tests on their arrival are negative. They also have to   take the rT-PCR tests on Day 7,” it added.

The committee saod that those who were unvaccinated due to medical complications had to submit confirmation letters from the clinics or hospitals as evidence.

“Furthermore, travellers from overseas are not allowed to use Sarawak as a transit point while entry will be subject to mandatory quarantine at the First Point of Entry (FPOE).

“However, travellers from Malaysia are allowed to transit on the same day of their flights   but t are not allowed to exit the airports and the transit terminal buildings,” it added.

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