Latest weapons for possible attacks

GOF Sarawak Brigade Commander SAC Mancha Ata . Photo: Ghazali Bujang

GOF border operations

KUCHING: The General Operations Force (GOF) Sarawak Brigade is improving the equipment for its personnel and officers at the state’s borders.

GOF Sarawak Brigade Commander SAC Mancha Ata said this included providing the latest weapons in preparation for any possible attacks.

“All officers and personnel of GOF operations will be equipped with all the latest equipment to face any possible attacks from outsiders while carrying out border control duties,” he said.
He revealed this in an exclusive interview with New Sarawak Tribune at the GOF Sarawak Brigade Headquarters here today.

He said so far, there had not been any issues of violence and attacks along the Sarawak border involving undocumented immigrants (PATI).

He said the GOF Sarawak Brigade would also deploy drones at its border control posts, especially in areas active with cases of smuggling and PATI entries.

“We will use drones to monitor smuggling activities as well as jalan tikus (illegal routes) to further enhance the effectiveness of border control,” said Mancha.

He said there were currently 29 GOF border control posts along the 2,333km Sarawak-Kalimantan border, covering borders with Sabah, Brunei and Kalimantan.

He added that about 500 officers and personnel were assigned to all these posts, with at least 12 personnel placed at each post.