Chieng (right) and his committee inspect the Bukit Assek settlement area.

SIBU: The state government has instructed the Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA) to conduct a detailed study on redevelopment of Bukit Assek here.

Sibu Redevelopment Committee chairman Datuk Chieng Buong Toon told a media conference today that the redevelopment of Bukit Assek was an important and necessary project to change the face of Sibu.

He explained that the area, located in the centre of the town was right next to the Central Business District (CBD).

“The Bukit Assek redevelopment project is not just a project for people living in the Bukit Assek area, but for all Sibu residents.

“The Bukit Assek area is large and very strategic next to the CBD area, there is no reason not to redevelop the place,” he said.

However, despite being located next to the CBD, he said Bukit Assek had become a problematic area with submerged soil, poor drainage system, poor hygiene level and almost submerged buildings.

He also noted that floods were a common occurrence when there was heavy rain in the area.

Chieng said the proposed mega project could not be implemented by the committee alone. It required the involvement of the state government to ensure that the project could be implemented successfully.

“I think this is an opportunity for Sibu. We have been talking about it for years and now the state government has been involved and asked LCDA to do a detailed study and come up with a master plan and my committee will work with LCDA,” he added.

He said the development of the Bukit Assek would will be based on zones such as industrial zone, residential zone and business zone.

“We propose to implement development from Jalan Hua Kiew to Jalan Pedada covering 560 acres.

“We estimate about 4,000 units of commercial buildings, including residential houses.  Some areas will be preserved as cultural heritage because of its historical value,” he explained.