KUALA LUMPUR: What could be a more fun and enriching way to learn about the significance of the kolam or rangoli to Deepavali or Diwali than by participating in a workshop where you use a tablet PC instead of coloured powder to design one.

At the ‘Festive Coding Project Inspired by Deepavali & Kolam Demonstration’ in Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur recently, children aged five to eight were taught basic coding for this purpose.

Ilham Gallery children’s programme coordinator, Li-Hsian Choo, said: “It’s a different way of learning about festivals versus the usual way of siting in a class, reading and memorising.”

CodeJuniors founder Jacqueline Lee said designing a digital kolam requires a lot of creativity, understanding, determination and problem-solving skills.

“This is very basic coding and helps them really understand what they can do on their own,” she said.

During the two-hour session, the children also learnt about the symbolism of the oil lamp (diya) which they were asked to base their kolam design on, as well as incorporate a wick, fire and flowers.

Deepavali, which symbolises overcoming evil with good, falls on Oct 27 this year and will be celebrated by the Indian community all over the world. – Bernama