The newly completed RM37-million Nanga Mujong bridge. Photo: Ghazali Bujang

KAPIT: The RM37-million Nanga Mujong Bridge is the link between this town, Baleh Hydroelectric Power (HEP) Dam and over 150 longhouses around the area.

Prior to the completion of the cable-stayed bridge, local folk were completely dependent on river transport. Thus, it is no surprise that all of them are excited about the facility knowing that it will change their lives in various ways.

Gone will be the need to crowd into express boats to travel upriver, which was never fun as it was slow and rather dangerous especially when the river swells during the rainy season.

The people will sigh with relief because they won’t have to go up and down river banks when using longboats. Life will definitely be different for them once they can travel fast between the Baleh HEP and this town, on to Sibu and beyond.