Live sessions on smart city concept


KUCHING: Riam Institute of Technology (RiamTec) will be hosting two more Facebook Live sharing sessions following the success of promoting the concept of Miri Smart City to the public.

The sharing sessions will be held on May 9 and May 16 at 11am, in Malay and English respectively, through RiamTec’s Facebook at

RiamTec, as a partner of Miri City Council (MCC) for the Miri Smart City project, is committed to publicising and promoting the concept of Miri Smart City to the public, so that the community can gain a better understanding of this development plan.

At the same time, RiamTec has been tasked to promote the widespread use of the Miri Cares mobile app in the Miri Smart City development plan.

As such, RiamTec has launched a series of publicity activities. After hosting the ‘Smart Life Awakening’ online seminar recently, it conducted a Facebook Live in Chinese, taking the viewers to various sites in Miri and showcasing the smart city initiatives in the city.

Dr Chong Kim Mee, programme leader of Diploma in Commerce Programme, as the person-in-charge of the RiamTec series of promotional activities, said the lecturers and students of the school have already carried out various efforts to organise promotional activities.

On the upcoming Facebook Live sessions, Diana Frederick Uyo (Admissions Counselor) will serve as the Malay speaker and Dorothy Ma (Cambridge A-Levels Biology lecturer) will serve as the English speaker.

In these sessions, the RiamTec publicity team will share information about Miri Smart City with the public, including the ‘Safe City’ initiative whereby MCC has installed closed-circuit TV (CCTV) and a smart emergency button system at the Wireless Walk as well as various digital signages at the Wireless Walk and Handicraft Centre.

For the ‘Safe Park’ initiative, CCTV and emergency poles have been installed at Miri City Fan and Taman Bulatan, and a command centre has been set up.

They have also introduced the ‘Smart Bus’ initiative which allows the public to pay for their bus fare online through Sarawak Pay, as well as the ‘Smart Truck’ initiative in which all garbage trucks are equipped with a tracking device that alerts the public of the arrival time.

The ‘Smart Drain’ initiative has been introduced whereby MCC has installed a water level sensor which can monitor the water level and take corresponding measures should floods occur.

In addition, Miri Smart City initiatives also include the Miri Cares mobile phone app so that Mirians can directly and efficiently communicate with MCC.

With this software platform, various agencies can listen to feedback from Mirians in a timely and more effective manner, and thus take the necessary relevant measures.

More details are available at RiamTec’s Facebook or by calling 016-6813375 (Lina Then).

MCC has been commissioned by the Sarawak government to implement the ‘Miri Smart City’ project and once the initiatives are rolled out successfully, Miri City will become a model blueprint for other cities in Sarawak.