Students from Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design.
Fashion showcase by Diploma in Fashion Design.
Students from Diploma in Graphic Design.
Students from Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design.
A performance by the Limkokwing Dance Club.
Appreciation gift from Limkokwing to a representative from Plaza Merdeka (left).
Part of the exhibition by students from Diploma in Graphic Design.
Exhibition by students from Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design.

Recognising the importance of designs and its strength, Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology, Sarawak Campus held a creative art exhibition at Plaza Merdeka Shopping Centre, Kuching on November 11.

The event was organised by the graduating students of Diploma in Graphic Design, Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design, and Diploma in Fashion Design. The event was essential as it exposes the students thoroughly into each fields.

Speaking during the event, Limkokwing Borneo representative Petrus Alfred told the audiences that the students are on par with the rest of the world. He also stresses that without designs, the world would be blank.

“Everything we see now are designs, hence the world of design is very powerful. It involves anything. From fashion, industrial, dining, hotel, management, accounting and everything,” said Petrus.

He added, “A drawing is not just a drawing. Rather it is the start of an innovation. And the brand creativity reflects the individual’s uniqueness.”

There were a total of three showcases throughout the day by the three different diplomas. Students of the Diploma in Graphic Design showcased their creativity through designing and rebranding of product packages. According to the Assistant Project Leader, Joel Kyle, their exhibition is called Project Moon as the infinity symbol when turned 90 degree is the number eight. However, since infinity is mainstream, they decided to go with eternity. The number eight reflects the total number of students in the group.

On the other hand, the students from Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design showcased their animation series under the theme ‘Borneo Sci-fi’. Meanwhile, the versatile students from Diploma in Fashion Design took fashion into elegance with the theme ‘Red Carpet’.

When asked of the students’ performance, Rosdelina Mustapha, the Programme Leader for the three Diplomas answered, “I’m very proud of the graphic design, fashion & apparel design and animation & multimedia design students’ work and achievement this semester.”

“They are the December 2018 graduating batch who have performed well throughout the 3 years of diploma programmes. I hope that the creativity and skills that they have showcased will be applied to the industries in their area of expertise.”

Several guests of the event also commented pertaining the students’ performance. One such guest, Mushroom King Photo Studio Founder and Photographer, Eric Chen said, “The students’ inspiring art works are at a high level when I saw the way they presented. They really create their own art, which I can really appreciate, and i have to say the new generation is in good hands.”

Meanwhile, In Advertising Sdn Bhd Managing Director Sia How Kwong said, “The students’ work exceeds the expectations than I have before the exhibition. If they can strengthen the combination of design and commercial applications, they will be a group of qualified commercial graphic designers.”

Lastly, Saradise Gallery Sdn Bhd, Gallery Manager, Luna Yeo shared that Limkokwing has again put up a great show to showcase the talent and creativity of their students and bring out the best of the students on the stage.

“This is the first and most important step for a budding talent – nurturing creativity and passion and also to instil confidence,”she opined.

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