Loans for future investments

CIMB Bank Saradise BDC Branch’s staff consulting members of the public regarding the ASB loans.

KUCHING: Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) loans continue to be important for future investments, said Steve Richard Hamit.

Steve Richard Hamit

The CIMB Bank Berhad Saradise BDC branch manager said that there are various profitable investment instruments and ASB loans are one of them.

“Unlike the ordinary ASB saving which only requires a minimum investment of only RM10, an ASB loan minimum investment is RM10,000 while the maximum is RM200,000.

“The annual dividend received depends on the amount of investment, but investors will earn more with ASB loans in comparison to the usual ASB savings,” he said.

He also said that investors must be consistent in order to enjoy the full monthly and yearly dividend.

“ASB loans are not something that would be a burden to the investors. However, the investors must be smart in determining how much to invest based on their ability.

“My advice is to be consistent with the monthly investment and to avoid making withdrawals. This is to enable the investors to enjoy the full dividend every month and the yearly dividend should be used as the principal investment capital,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Fikri who is an investor with ASB loans said that it is low risk in comparison to other forms of investments.

“Investment pertaining to an ASB loan is low risk and it offers special schemes as well as various social mandates. In comparison to other investments, an ASB loan offers beneficial yearly dividend and it is good for the future,” he added.

The members of public who are interested or have any inquiries regarding ASB loans are welcome to visit the CIMB Bank Saradise BDC branch or contact Siti Huzaimah at 011-25033940 or Yong Chia Yaw at 016-8953986.