Local entrepreneurs welcome financial assistance

Nizam Khalyd

KUCHING: The Sarawak Entrepreneur Association (SEA) has welcomed the state government’s assistance to local entrepreneurs under the 2022 State Budget.

SEA president Nizam Khalyd said the allocation of RM25.1 million to facilitate the recovery of businesses, small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) as well as micro-entrepreneurs would greatly benefit the entrepreneurs.

“It is a relief knowing that the state government will be assisting Sarawak entrepreneurs with the much-needed aid to restart their businesses,” he said in a statement on Sunday (Oct 17).

He also applauded the state government’s numerous entrepreneurship programmes for which RM24.5 million was allocated for the Sarawak Micro Credit Scheme, Skim Pinjaman Industri Kecil dan Sederhana, Go Digital Programme and Digital Marketing Training, among others.

“These will not only accommodate the micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs, but will also help develop Sarawak into a digitalised modern state,” he added.

He praised that state government’s initiatives in encouraging local entrepreneurs by adding the new Bumiputera Business Empowerment Fund with an allocation of RM10 million along with the one-off RM20 million grant for new Business Recovery Assistance Fund to assist Sarawak Business Federation and its 15 affiliates including SEA.

“We know that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many businesses and entrepreneurs in Sarawak. The grants, loans and Sarawakku Sayang Special Assistance (BKSS) as well as other initiatives mentioned in the 2022 State Budget are very helpful in maintaining the businesses and entrepreneurs in Sarawak.

“This will help Sarawak’s businesses and entrepreneurs to weather the crisis brought by the pandemic,” he said.

Nizam encouraged Sarawak’s businesses and entrepreneurs to utilise the funds given by the government wisely in order for them to get back on their feet.

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