Long Bedian community enjoys water supply improvement

Completed 0.5 MLD Water Treatment Plant using Lamelia clarifier and continuous sand filter filtration system.

KUCHING: Water supply in Long Bedian has improved following the completion of a project under the Sarawak Supply Grid Programme–Stressed Areas.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Utilities, the Long Bedian community now has sufficient water supply with the completion of upgrading works to the water treatment plant and the improvement of the main distribution pipeline.

“This project benefits 400 households as well as the existing primary schools and clinics in the area.”

Long Bedian is located in the Apoh Tutoh region of Baram District, Miri Division. It takes about two hours’ drive from Miri to Long Lama and another one-and-a-half hours through timber logging road, from Long Lama to Long Bedian, using a 4WD vehicle.

The project was completed on Feb 11 at a total cost of RM4,945,000.

“This water supply project involved the construction of raw water reservoir, raw water main, new 0.5MLD water treatment plant using lamella clarifier and continuous sand filter filtration system complete with chemical mixing equipment.

“It also involved the supply, delivery and laying of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) pipeline, including the installation of communication pipes complete with water meters and meter stands,” it added.

With the completion of the upgrading works for the treatment plant, the total treatment capacity has increased from the original 0.6 MLD to 1.1 MLD.

Installed raw water intake pump sets