Longhouse chief backs SRDC deputy chairman for Dudong

TR Martinus Nyuram wanted to register his longhouse as a homestay.

SIBU: Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) deputy chairman Wong Ching Yong visited Rumah (Rh) Martinus Nyuram, a longhouse situated on the scenic banks of Sungai Assan. 

Longhouse chief Tuai Rumah (TR) Martinus Nyuram wanted the longhouse to be registered as a homestay.

As such, Wong liaised with Assistant Tourism Minister Datuk Sebastian Ting, who requested that the Sibu Resident’s Office send Nisa, its senior officer for tourism, to accompany Wong to Rh Martenus Nyuram.

Nisa told the residents that there were only three longhouses registered as homestay in Sibu Division — Rh Monica Gelima, Sungai Durin; Rh Bawang Assan and Rh Benjamin Aki in Kanowit.

“In order to qualify as a registered homestay, a longhouse needs to satisfy certain requirements such as surroundings (scenery), suitability to conduct outdoor activities like fishing, rowing, farming, cycling and the type of fruit trees available for fruit picking,” she said.

Meanwhile, Wong said he was committed to turning Dudong into another Batu Kawa in Kuching.

“Its state assemblyman is Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian. After Dr Sim won in 2016, he had brought tremendous development to the constituency. Batu Kawa is not the same as before.”

TR Martenus also expressed full support to Wong as a GPS/SUPP candidate for N52 Dudong.

He opined that Wong was sincere, and had the ability to bring more development to Dudong.

TR Martenus was also confident that the surrounding six longhouses in Sungai Assan would also support Wong in the coming state election.

Wong (third right) during his visit to Rh Martinus Nyuram.