Longhouse folk put out store fire

The aftermath of the fire.

NIAH: Swift actions of Ayai longhouse residents managed to put out a fire that destroyed a store at Lubuk Kuini, Sungai Saeh Putih last Monday (Dec 14).

State Fire Department Zone 6 (Miri) chief Law Poh Kiong said firemen from Niah fire station were despatched to the scene after a distress call was received around 11.33pm.

Before the firemen arrived, Tuai Rumah Ayai Sawing led 32 longhouse residents to put out the fire using eight fire extinguishers and two rubber hoses.

When the firemen arrived, they found that the fire had destroyed a store that stored gas cylinders and a power generator.

No casualties were reported during the incident. The cause of the fire and losses incurred are still under investigation.