Longhouse, primary school flooded for several hours

A firefighter observes the flash flood in Nanga Tebat.

BETONG: A flash flood around 4am this early morning (Mar 23) in Nanga Tebat near here rendered a road leading to a longhouse and a school impassable for several hours. It also damaged seven vehicles.

The local fire station received an emergency call about the flood around 5.50am.

To reach the place, the firemen travelled 37 kilometres to the longhouse and SK Nanga Tebat, Skrang to assess the situation.

On the way the team found the road under water that was up to 10 feet deep.

Later, it was reported that the school canteen was three feet under water, while the water in the car park was up to four feet deep. Seven vehicles belonging to the staff members were thus damaged.

The firemen found that there were 95 people living in the 23-door longhouse while the school has 34 students and 17 teachers plus non-teaching staff members.

No flood evacuation centre was necessary as the flood began to recede around 7.30am.

SK Nanga Tebat was flooded early Tuesday morning.