Look into the ‘rape joke’ issue

Rape victims may view themselves and the world differently and find it hard to build a trustful relationship in their lives. Photo: Freepik

KUCHING: Political activist Voon Shiak Ni has urged that the Ministry of Education conduct a serious investigation into a claim made by a 17-year-old student which has gone viral where she exposed her physical education teacher making a “rape joke” in class during a discussion on a sexual harassment topic.

“Rape is a heinous crime, and for a teacher to joke about it with students in class is not just irksome, but it is a blatant provocation and disrespectful to the female race.

“Her courage in speaking out about what is wrong and not being threatened by the instructor is a courageous and commendable action.”

Voon was commenting on a recent incident that happened in a school in Selangor in which a callous statement was made by a teacher to his students that went viral recently.

One of the teacher’s statements to his students was, “If you (students) want to rape someone, don’t rape someone under 18 — instead, rape someone over 18.”

“Teaching is held in high regard in our society, and it is a noble profession.

“Most teachers live up to the name of their profession, and I am certain that the action of this particular teacher is strongly condemned by his colleagues,” she said.