Lorry driver arrested for illegally transporting diesel

A PPM Region 5 Bintulu personnel showing the drums of diesel worth RM1,392 on the lorry.

BINTULU: Sarawak marine police arrested a lorry driver suspected of carrying 800 litres of illegal diesel worth RM1,392 by the roadside in front of the Customs Prevention Complex at Jalan Kampung Jepak last Thursday (Oct 29).

The 53-year-old man was found transporting four drums of illegal diesel at the back of a lorry at 8.30am by a marine police team conducting Ops Landai Covid-19 in the area.

PPM Region 5 Bintulu Operations Headquarters commanding officer, ACP Ezuandi Bahadin said, in a statement,” Further examination found that the lorry driver had violated the permit conditions, filling or taking fuel from a place not gazetted by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP).”

He said the white and green lorry valued at RM120,000 was seized under Section 21 of the Control of Supply Act 1961.

Ezuandi said the case was handed over to KPDNHEP Bintulu for further actions.