Low-lying areas in Mukah bear brunt of flash floods

The wet market area on the banks of Batang Mukah was submerged.

MUKAH: Some low-lying areas in the old town here were submerged on Wednesday (Jan 13) as Batang Mukah overflowed its banks following high tide and intermittent rain in the last few days.

The water level in the affected areas and on the roads was about one feet high.

A self-employed man, identified only as Amew, said the water level was higher on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The wind and waves from the sea (South China Sea) at the Mukah river mouth also contributed to the rising water level,” the man in his 70s, explained.

The Mukah river mouth ends at the South China Sea, which is about 3km from the Mukah old town.

Meanwhile, the water level in Sungai Tellian and Sungai Petanak here was also high but not at a dangerous level on Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to sources from the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM), areas in the upper part of Sungai Tellian were prone to flooding.

The other areas in Mukah Division suffering a similar fate are Kampung Sitieng at upper Batang Mukah and Kampung Klid at Batang Oya in Dalat.