KUALA LUMPUR: Every Chinese New Year, the lucky bamboo tree or dracaena sanderiana, tied with a red ribbon around the stalk, is one of the most popular lucky plants on sale.

The Chinese believe the plant symbolises good luck and prosperity, and represents all five Feng Shui elements: Wood (the plant), Earth (pebble and stone), Metal (metal container) Water and Fire (red ribbon).

Khoo Khay Wen, project manager at Fang Kiat Florist Sdn Bhd in Sungai Buloh said there is so much demand for lucky plants during the CNY season, and they sell like hotcakes the moment the shop opens its doors at 8.15am.

“Hundreds of customers will rush in to get these selected “ong” (lucky) plants and flowers. By 10 am, we would run out of stock,” he told Bernama.

He said besides the lucky bamboo, the lime tree or Kumquat also symbolises wealth and good luck and is a great home decoration much sought after.

The Pussy Willow, meanwhile, signifies the coming of spring and prosperity, and is a good symbol for growth and an abundance of fortune, he said.

Khoo added that the golden yellow and purple chrysanthemums, which represent wealth, prosperity and longevity are among the essential flowering plants to have during the Lunar New Year celebrations. He said the colours and the shapes of these plants give strong positive vibes for the festivities.

Some these plants were also decorated in gold pots wrapped in red ribbons and gold beads for Feng Shui purposes.

Meanwhile, a customer, who only wanted to be known as Yew, 57, said that he was eyeing a lime tree with as many golden coloured fruits as possible to bring in more luck to his family.

“I am hoping to get my hands on trees with lime or mandarin oranges for a good price as I believe this tree can bring good fortune,” he said.

Another customer, Ong Lee Hui, bought four pots of the chrysanthemum to usher in the New Year. – Bernama