Lundu now a green zone

KUCHING: The district of Lundu has now been categorised as a green zone.

This came after no locally transmitted cases of Covid-19 were detected or reported in the district in the past 14 days.

State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) said Kuching district remained as a red zone with 101 locally transmitted cases reported in the last 14 days while Miri and Lawas districts remained as yellow zones.

“This brings the total number of districts with red zone status to one district, two with yellow zone status and 37 other districts in Sarawak remain as green zones,” it said in a statement yesterday.

The red code is attributed to areas of more than 40 cases, yellow for one to 40 cases, and green when there are no cases.

On another note, the committee said a total of 229,653 rT-PCR tests for Covid-19 were conducted in Sarawak involving a total of 167,865 individuals as of Monday at 12am.

“Of the 167,865 individuals screened, 1,042 or 0.62 percent tested positive for Covid-19 in Sarawak,” it said.

For the Kuching Division, SDMC said 82,664 individuals had undergone rT-PCR screening and   710 or 0.86 percent tested positive for Covid-19.

“This is equivalent to 54.42 people screened for every 1,000 people for Kuching Division,” revealed the committee.