Machineries, illegal logs detained

THE illegal logs along with the machineries were seized in a joint operation between SFD and GOF on Nov 3.

KAPIT: Two machineries and 46 various types and sizes of illegal logs were detained on Nov 3.

This was made possible through a joint operation between the Sarawak Forest Department (SFD) and General Operation Force (GOF), according to a statement issued today.

The incident took place here at Sungai Sut around 6pm.

SFD said the seizure was carried out after a joint enforcement team found the logging activities carried out without a licence.

The seizure of machinery and timber was successfully carried out through intelligence and monitoring information conducted continuously by SFD enforcement personnel to combat illegal logging activities in Kapit.

“All seized logs are estimated to be worth RM10,000 based on the value of timber royalties and the machineries are estimated to be worth RM95,000. All case items such as machines and logs have been placed under the care of the Forest Department and further investigations will be carried out.

Illegal logs seized in Sungai Sut, Kapit on Nov 3.

“Such activity is a forest offence under Section 96 of the Forest Ordinance 2015 and if convicted, the offender can be fined not less than RM20,000 and not exceeding RM150,000 or jailed not exceeding five years or both.

“If found guilty of repeated offences, the offender will be fined not less than RM150,000 and not exceeding RM500,000 or given a jail time not exceeding 10 years or both,” the department said.

In line with SFD’s functions and responsibilities in caring for and preserving the forest, the department will continue to intensify and enhance forest enforcement activities through land, river and air operations continuously to combat all illegal logging activities in Sarawak’s forests.

Stern actions under the provisions of the Forest Ordinance 2015, will be imposed on any individual or organisation found guilty of conducting illegal logging activities.

The department said this is to ensure that the care and conservation of Sarawak forests can be implemented properly and successfully.

The public are urged to channel information on all illegal logging activities in the state forests to allow actions be taken. Information can be channelled through the Sarawak Government service at the hotline 1-800-88-7777 or via email