Dennis (seated sixth from left) with the Uma Akeh pineapple project participants.

UMA AKEH, Telang Usan: Farming assistance recipients should ensure that the help given by the state government achieved its primary target ― to bring economic improvement.

“From my experience as a people’s representative working closely with leaders in the government, I can see their struggles to see a progressive state, with the people enjoying good economic standing to live a comfortable life be it urban or rural,” said Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau.

State leaders, he said, is working hard to come up with many strategies and plans to bring economic development to rural folks.

With the big number of applications for assistance received by the Ministry of Agriculture yearly, he hoped the successful applicants would count their blessings and do all they can to make it.

“The state government can only give basic help such planting materials and training…what is most important is the commitment of the participants.

“The journey is long and hard but when success comes, it will be sweet.”

He said this on Wednesday (Oct 7) at the presentation of pineapple suckers to 40 Uma Akeh families.

Citing the Uma Akeh pineapple scheme that started early 2019, the state government through the Ministry of  Modernisation of Agriculture, Regional Development and Native Land had spent RM740,000 to support rural communities.

He added that allocations set aside for the Telang Usan constituency had been utilised for pineapple, fish and pig farming, coconut and oil palm, vegetables and fertilizer, benefiting more than 500 people.