Facing the challenges of everyday life can sometime takes its toll on individuals. Therefore, it is always important to take some time to rejuvenate with a hobby that brings joy and enriches our lives. While there is no perfect activity that is best for everyone, some experiences are like ‘superfood’ for the soul.

Making oneself feel at peace

It is always nice to take some time to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we often get caught up with. Whether it is reading a book, or watching a good movie, having a hobby can help swing us away from reality, even just for a while.

As Sarawak is blessed with picturesque scenery, there is often plenty things to explore. And that is exactly what many are doing. They go on an escapade outside the city, just to allow their minds to wander from the everyday rush in life.

Veronica enjoys paintball as it is a fun and exciting activity.

Veronica Atrasia, 26, prefers to escape reality on weekends, to get away from the ‘box’ that she stays in during weekdays — the office. Confined to nothing but walls, Veronica lamented, “Soon as I arrived in the office, I don’t even know whether it is raining or if there is a rainbow outside. My best friend is a calculator and I can only dream of the outside world.”

Hence, the weekend is when she unleashes her adventurous side. “Despite going to the same places around Kuching two to three times, to me, every time I’m outside is a new experience.”

The Kuching lass also made it a point to explore different hotels or lodging houses, at least once a month. “I would choose a place with the most outstanding view and act as if I’m a tourist in my own hometown, with a backpack and a camera in hand.”

Sharing on her experience, Veronica recalled the times when she would inquire random passerby on food spots or where to visit, “They’re usually nice and friendly, and that surprised me and made me proud at the same time. They would usually give me ideas on what to do. And even though I know of the places they suggested, I would still stay and listen to the suggestions.”

Meanwhile, the intrepid young lady also loves doing strenuous activities. “I would call a group of friends for paintball at a place in Pasir Panjang, Santubong. Little did I know that paintball can give me bruises, but I love it because its fun and exciting, a far cry from my weekday activities.”

Meanwhile, another Kuching lass, Helen Chung, loves surrounding herself with nature. “I love to see wild mushrooms and flowers growing in the jungle because they are so unique. Apart from that, the fresh air that nature provides makes me feel at peace.”

To her, the jungle is a great place to escape everyday life. Helen would regularly hike, and visit different waterfalls and hills for a picnic. “I also enjoy taking photos of the different things I see in the jungle,” the 38-year-old added.

Recalling days before her marriage, she would often visit her friends’ different longhouses to stay over during Gawai and Christmas seasons. “To me, I really enjoy kampung life. I remembered a day before my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exams, my friends and I went to Matang Family Park to have a barbecue around the waterfall.”

Lizman Lim

As for Mirian Lizman Lim, after a long day at work, he would just grab his motorcycle keys and go for a long ride to explore places he never been. “I love exploring new places because you’ll never know what breathtaking scenery or unique spots you will stumble upon.”

The 26-year-old would ride his bike around Miri’s scenic locations such as Bakam Beach, Tusan Beach or Bungai Beach and the surrounding areas. “I do it because there are many places I’ve only heard of but have never been to. I just love riding to these spots. And also to places that are not as popular but trust me, it is worth the visit.”

Love to explore ever since he was young, Lizman remembers visiting the Niah Cave. “The scenery was breathtaking and the journey was indeed memorable. The place have existed for ages, and somehow, every visit feels like the first time. This is what I look forward to when I go on an exploration trip.”

Among the places Lizman would visit is the Tusan Beach. Photo Credit : BorneoTravelNetwork.com
Queenie Tiong

Looking forward every time she ventures around Sibu, Quennie Tiong Wei Ting shared her fondness for jungle trekking, an activity that she grew up with. “I still remember the park I visited every week back then, Taman Jubli Bukit Aup. What makes it interesting is the big pond with plenty of fish inside. Visitors get to feed them and to me this is one of the most calming and joyful things to do during my free time.”

Quennie added that the park is quite huge and the highlight is the hike to the top, where one can bask in the spectacular view. “On the way up, there is a hanging bridge which I used to jump on and run back and forth when I was a child. These childhood memories often flashes back in my mind and to this day, I still visit the park whenever I am free.”

Were it not for the Covid-19 restrictions, Quennie would also often go around Sibu hunting for food spots. Living in Sarawak had given her the chance to try out unique cuisines of various ethnics. “Each ethnic has its own cuisine, and I always enjoy visiting their respective restaurants. To me, food made from love provides a more satisfying taste, along with a fond memory.”