Make the most of ReTex, V-C tells students

Khairuddin received souvenir from ReTEx organising Chairman, Jaibi Sabian.

SIBU: Exhibitions such as the Research, Technology, and Creative Exhibition (ReTEx) hold out a lot of opportunities and Prof Datuk Dr Khairuddin Abdul Hamid wants students to make the most of it.

The University of Technology Sarawak Vice-Chancellor said it should not only be a platform to exhibit their projects but also an avenue to interact with industries.

I think this is a beginning for the university in organising ReTEx but every year from hereon with more improvement and showcasing more quality projects, he said.

Apart from that, Khairuddin also described the exhibition as a way for students to learn to be independent.

“In our real-life eventually when we go out (graduate) there is nobody around you that you can turn into.

“So, you have to handle things on your own. This final year project is also an opportunity for you to learn to be independent and responsible, how to manage your life together with colleagues and other people,” he said.

He said the exhibition is not only for students to exhibit their projects and research findings but also to interact with industries, government agencies and businessmen.

“You never know, maybe the product or project from our students can be commercialised by the companies.

“Maybe one day students from UTS can also have their own start-up companies or maybe work together with big companies and become millionaires, especially in this field, computing and creative media,” he said.

Hence, Khairuddin hoped that in the future students will be capable enough to organise ReTEx and involve more programmes so that the ReTEx can become a flagship event in the university.

“So, here’s my challenge to the students, this time around the exhibition is organised by the lecturers and management. Maybe one day I want the students to organise it,” he said.

Khairuddin (fifth right) in a group photo with ReTEx organising Chairman, Jaibi Sabian (forth right) and others.
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