LiGNO staff do their part to bring cheer to folk at the Damai Home Care Old Folks Home.

As we usher in the new year, LiGNO Biotech kicked start its first Charity Project recently by paying a visit to the Damai Home Care Old Folks Home (Pusat Jagaan Warga Tuan Damai).

The Damai Home Care Old Folks Home established in 1982, provides shelter, support and medical care to the destitute and homeless seniors.

According to the person-in-charge of Damai Home Care Old Folks Home, Durai Raju Manickam, his mother founded the centre.

“At the beginning, our centre was located in Petaling Jaya, until about 20 years ago we moved to Cheras so that those homeless seniors can have a decent place they can call home and are able to enjoy a better quality of life.” Durai took over the old folks home following his mother’s passing.

“Over the years, the number of senior members at our centre has increased gradually. Our centre has also expanded from renting a detached house to three detached houses in order to accommodate 48 senior citizens.”

LiGNO staff do their part to bring cheer to folk at the Damai Home Care Old Folks Home.

He admitted it was not an easy task to tackle financial challenges such as rental, electricity bills, medical bills just to name a few.

When asked the reason why he continued running the centre despite the fact that it’s not an easy task. Durai responded, “I’ve no choice. Those old folks sent by the Social Welfare Ministry to our centre, are homeless and need medical care or attention— if we don’t give them shelter, they will have no place to go but wander on the streets, homeless and starved.”

Seeing the smile on the old folks’ faces because of our visit, we dare not imagine where they are likely to end up or what kind of life they would be living right now if they were not taken in by the centre.

Before we ended our visit, Durai shook our hands and thanked us for the generosity. 

“Thanks to the help and generosity of the public by sending us rice, biscuits, milk powder and other things we need, we are able to keep our centre going.”

At the moment, Damai Old Folks Home still needs sponsorship for paying electricity bills, to repair the emergency fire escape staircase, oxygen tanks, refrigerators, washing machine, microwave units, chairs, medicines, wheelchairs, and other daily used medical stuff.

“We’re very grateful if anyone can donate second-hand medical equipment. Members of the public are free to come for a visit or to find answers to any questions or if they would like to give us a hand.”

Ready to spread and share the CNY cheer with ang pow for the old folks.

At LiGNO, we believe that “A true selfless act always sparks others — Klaus” and together we can make a better world. 

LiGNO would like to invite you to join our charity project by lending a hand to the Damai Old Folks Home Centre.  We will continuously be giving them support within our means while visiting the seniors from time to time.

For more information, please check out their FB: Damai Home Care

Their official home page had stopped functioning due to the lack of funding many years ago.