Making a living from doughnuts

The ‘Donut Babah Feeya’ stall.

KUCHING: After her husband lost his job during the implementation of the movement control order (MCO) in March last year, Zuridah Juruh and her husband decided to sell doughnuts to support their family.

Operating under the “Donut Babah Feeya” name, the couple sells various flavoured doughnuts in addition to regular doughnuts coated with milk powder or sugar.

Zuridah and her husband.

“When we first started operating last year, we were only able to sell about 50 doughnuts a day.

“Alhamdulillah, due to our hard work as well as with the help of social media platforms, we are now able to sell almost 300 doughnuts a day apart from having many regular customers.

“Even though we are still dealing with Covid-19, my husband and I are grateful that our doughnuts are always in high demand,” said the 27-year-old.

Zuridah said she usually encouraged her customers to make their orders in advance.

“Delivery will start at 3pm every day,” she said, adding that in addition to picking up doughnuts at her home, customers could also choose the delivery service option.

Zuridah plans to open her doughnut branches throughout Sarawak in future.

Those living in Miri can enjoy various doughnut flavours from Donut Babah Feeya for as low as RM15 per box. Each box contains nine doughnuts.

To make a reservation or know more about various flavoured doughnuts made by Zuridah, visit her Facebook page Zuridah Kitchen or contact her at 017-7703985.