Malaysians are like colourful lights on a Christmas tree

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

KUCHING: All Malaysians are urged to put their differences aside and unite for the sake of the country’s stability.

Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said a nation could only be united when its people harmoniously coexisted with each other.

“With a mind to resolve hostility in our hearts, I hope you and I can continue to look at everything in the world with sincerity and positivity.

“People of various cultural backgrounds in Malaysia are like the colourful lights on a Christmas tree adorning this land, reflecting our blessings and hopes.

“If only a single-coloured light bulb is shining, then this Christmas tree, which symbolises Malaysia, will look dull and dim,” he said in his Christmas message today.

“As long as everyone practises empathy, unbounded love will bring us together to coexist in prosperity, peace and stability,” he said.

Tiong, who is also Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China, added that in Malaysia, particularly Sarawak, Christmas was a major celebration.

“Compared to West Malaysia, Sarawak’s harmony between races has always been an exemplary advantage, a marvel for many. Among Sarawak’s population of about 2.6 million, her 1.1 million Christians account for the largest portion.

“Therefore, Christmas and its meanings and blessings for Sarawakians are indelible and strongly ingrained,” he said.

The Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president added that the tensions of the global situation have had an indirect impact on society, and it is inevitable that people will have conflicts and disputes.

“Therefore, I hope that the meaning of Christmas can rekindle the purest grace in everyone’s hearts and continue the beauty of the season-of-giving during this Christmas,” he said.