Malaysia’s formula rejects extremism, racism: DPM

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail today called on the people to come together and develop Malaysia Baru (the new Malaysia) as the process takes time and cannot be achieved overnight.

She said the Malaysia Baru that was being formed would be the result of the cooperation by every Malaysians and to reject all forms of religious and racial extremism.

“Malaysia Baru is about us together. Malaysia Baru that is being built is the result of the cooperation from every one of us, Malaysians.

“We reject all forms of religious and racial extremism. That is the formula of our Malaysia. I pray that the formula can be continued and strengthened,’ she said in her message in conjunction with Wesak Day, which falls tomorrow.

Dr Wan Azizah

She said only a year in the government, it was too short for the people to see the changes brought about by Pakatan Harapan, compared with the previous government which was in power for 61 years.

“All of you had taken your frustration to the ballot box and written history by changing the government for the first time ever since Malaysia achieved its independence.

“I understand the hope is high and the change desired is expected to be achieved fast,” she added.

The deputy prime minister also prayed that all Malaysians would set aside their differences for the good of the general population, and also wished the Buddhists a Happy Wesak Day, which falls tomorrow. – Bernama