Man arrested for arson

The suspect (second left) was arrested on suspicion of being involved in a recent car fire behind a commercial store at Mile 18, Siburan on Friday.

PADAWAN: Police here arrested a man for allegedly setting a car on fire behind a commercial store at Taman Duranda Emas, Siburan on Friday.

District deputy police chief DSP Lim Jaw Shyong who confirmed the case, said the 21-year-old suspect was arrested by a team from Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department (CID) D7 branch and Padawan CID around 4.45pm on the same day.

“During questioning, the suspect did not admit to setting the car on fire.

“He is now placed in Siburan police lock-up for further investigation under Section 435 (for arson/mischief by fire) and Section 506 of the Penal Code (for criminal intimidation),” he said.

The incident happened around 1.20am on Friday when the complainant and his family heard a loud noise and noticed smoke from behind the store.

Lim added that the complainant’s parked car was on fire and authorities have been alerted for assistance to extinguish the flames.

“Investigations found that the 21-year-old complainant is the son of a hardware store owner who was assaulted and his shop was vandalised by two men.

“The complainant suspected that the cause of the incident was due to a previous case on the issue of food supply distribution to residents around Siburan on July 11,” he stated.