Man cheats death, nearly drives 4WD into river

The 4WD vehicle that nearly plunged into Batang Sadong river.

SIMUNJAN: A man cheated death when he nearly drove his four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle into Batang Sadong river at the town’s jetty last Thursday.

It was told that the 49-year-old man was driving alone to Kuching when the incident happened around 8.15pm.

Simunjan fire station despatched their men to the scene and found the vehicle’s front left tyre hanging off the edge of the jetty.

The driver, who managed to get out safely, told the team that he entered the wrong road that took him to the jetty.

The team then used their fire engine to pull the vehicle to a safer location.

Meanwhile in Lundu, firefighters were despatched to Jalan Sematan-Lundu after receiving an emergency call around 11.50pm on a road accident.

Upon arrival, the team found a car overturned by the roadside with the injured driver trapped inside.

The team proceeded to extricate the victim and later handed him over to the paramedics for immediate treatment.

After ensuring the situation is safe for other road users, the team departed back to their station.