Man electrocuted while harvesting dabai

Bomba bringing down the victim’s body from the tree.

KANOWIT: A 52-year-old man died of electrocution while harvesting dabai at Jalan Lukut, Penyulau on Friday.

Kanowit fire chief Arrahman Chik said his team received a distress call from the public at 3:59pm on the incident.

“The victim had climbed a 10-metre high dabai tree while using an aluminium pole to harvest the fruit when the incident occurred.

“It is believed that his pole came into contact with a live electric cable which caused the victim to be electrocuted and lose consciousness on the tree.

“With the drizzle and close proximity to the electric cable, it was a challenge for our team to retrieve the victim’s body,” he added.

He further mentioned that they had sought help from Sesco to cut off the electricity supply as a safety measure before using a Hydraulic Sky lift Crane.

“The victim was brought down and was confirmed dead by the health officer. He was then handed over to the police for further action,” Arrahman said.

Bomba prepares to handover the victim’s body to the police.