The python found under the bonnet of the car.

MIRI: A man was shocked to find a five-metre-long python under the bonnet of his car at Jalan Geranit, Kampung Merikan, Lutong on Monday (Sept 14).

According to Miri Civil Defence Force (APM) officer Captain (PA) Usman Harto, before the discovery, the man’s neighbour saw a suspicious ‘object’ slithering into the bonnet of the car, which was parked next to his house, around 5am.

“After being informed on the suspicious ‘object’ by his neighbour, the man proceeded to check under the bonnet of his car.

“The owner then immediately reported his discovery to APM at 8.17am. Two APM personnel were despatched to the scene and battled for 20 minutes to capture the reptile,” he said.

The snake was believed to have strayed into the car.