MUKAH: A man was found dead in his house at Taman Indah Phase Two here last Saturday.

The police said Mew Lung Tsing, 46, was found unconscious on his bed in his house and was confirmed dead by medical personnel who arrived at the scene.

They received a call from a man informing that his neighbour next door had not been seen for two days.

The police entered the house through an unlocked window on the first floor and found the man unconscious on his bed.

Mew, a plantation advisor from Petaling Jaya, was staying alone.

Initial investigation found no signs of foul play — no external injuries on the body and nothing that showed his death was a result of a criminal act.

There was also no information to indicate that the victim had been abroad or had returned to Peninsular Malaysia recently.

The victim suffered from chronic diabetes and high blood pressure and was not listed as undergoing quarantine.