Man killed, another injured in crash

Firefighters climb down the side of a steep slope to reach the overturned vehicle.

KAPIT: A man in his 60s was killed while another was injured after their four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle plummeted into a 20-metre deep ravine along Jalan Melinau-Mujong, here on Wednesday afternoon (May 5).

The victim has been identified as James Kanyan, a passenger in the ill-fated vehicle.

According to Kapit Fire and Rescue Station chief Erwandy Tugor, the driver of the vehicle was extricated from the wreckage by passersby. He sustained a broken thighbone.

However, the passenger was stuck in the middle of the vehicle and failed to be extricated due to the position of the car.

“Due to safety factor of the rescuers, the operation to remove the trapped victim was postponed at 6pm. Unstable ground conditions and working in the dark made it difficult to remove the victim.

“On the second day of operation on Thursday (May 6), the victim’s body was successfully removed with the help of a tractor to pull the overturned vehicle,” he said in a statement.

The body of the victim was later handed over to the local police for further actions.