The scene of the accident.

BINTULU: A motorcyclist succumbed to his injuries after he was involved in a road accident with a lorry six hours earlier at Jalan Pesisir Bintulu-Tatau last Saturday (Sept 5).

Sarawak Traffic Investigation and Enforcement chief Supt Alexson Naga Chabu said both the motorcycle and lorry were heading to Kuching from Bintulu before the accident occurred at 3.15pm.

“When both vehicles arrived at Kampung Tani junction, the motorcyclist made a sudden ‘U’-turn and caused the lorry driver to enter the opposite lane to avoid him.

“As a result, the motorcycle crashed into the left side of the lorry,” he said in a statement.

Alexson added that the 33-year-old driver was not injured while the victim, identified as Moreydon Bolhassan, 39, sustained severe injuries and was rushed to Bintulu Hospital for immediate treatment.

However at 10.30pm on the same day, the victim was pronounced dead by medical personnel after receiving treatment at 9.30pm.