Manhunt for gang robbers

The stolen taxi which is seen in the forest behind SK Telagus Jerak, Balai Ringin. Photo: Kamek Miak Sarawak Facebook Page

KUCHING: Police are tracking down two Indonesian men who hit a taxi driver and robbed him at a road near Kampung Belimbing, Serian on Tuesday (Jan 26).

Serian District Police chief Aswandy Anis said his department received a report on the incident from members of the public.

Following this, he said the police launched Ops Kesan to track down the two suspects.

Aswandy added that the Serian District Police Headquarters (IPD) also sought assistance from the Sri Aman IPD to locate the suspects.

During the incident, Aswandy said the two suspects boarded the victim’s taxi at Kuching Sentral and asked to be sent to Gedong and Balai Ringin.

“Upon arrival at Kampung Belimbing, the suspects asked the driver to stop by a roadside before hitting him on the head.

“The driver managed to get out of the car before both suspects fled with the taxi to Sri Aman,” he explained in a statement on Wednesday (Jan 27).

The 62-year-old victim was sent to Serian hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the victim’s taxi was later found in the forest behind SK Telagus Jerak, Balai Ringin on Wednesday morning.

The case is being investigated under Section 395 of the Penal Code for gang robbery.