No so many people at Boulevard shopping mall as people continue to stay at home.

KUCHING: It appeared that on the first day of the conditional movement control order (CMCO) period, many people stayed home instead of flooding into shopping malls and other public places.

A check by New Sarawak Tribune found that this was so as evidenced by the situation at Boulevard Shopping Mall which was far from being crowded yesterday.

Although Sarawak is in the fourth phase of the movement control order (MCO) period which is more relaxed than the previous phases, many people continue to stay at home and adhere to restrictions imposed by the government.

Most visitors who went to Boulevard, for example, were shopping for essentials at the supermarket instead of going to boutiques and other non-essential outlets.

At the entrance to the mall, customers got their temperatures taken and their details recorded. The mall’s personnel also provided hand sanitisers for the customers.

Gathering information on the shoppers is a wise move to keep track of them in case the mall is visited by a Covid-19 carrier.

Every other outlet in the building also did the same thing, writing down their information prior to entering the premises.

New Sarawak Tribune also noticed that most of the customers were wearing masks while shopping and practised social distancing.

Although businesses were allowed to resume operations in the mall, some were still closed including the food court.

However, other food outlets such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Pizza Hut, SugarBun and Magic Bite were open for takeaways.

Each outlet was very strict in ensuring that their customers practised social distancing and were wearing masks properly while waiting or ordering their takeaways.

Some premises also actively promoted the use of digital payments such as Sarawak Pay, Boost, Fave, Grabpay or e-wallets of other online platforms.