Many have not registered for jabs in Dalat

Fatimah (second left) meets some of the vaccine recipients

DALAT: Although the number of people who have registered for the vaccines in Dalat is encouraging, there are many who have yet registered for the jabs.

Based on the data from the Dalat District Office and the Health Department, a total of 11,468 people (92.4 percent) have now registered for vaccination, said Minister of Welfare, Community Welfare, Women, Family and Child Development Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah.

She said  based on the e-Census 2020 data in Dalat, 12,412 people aged 18 and above were eligible to be vaccinated.

“Based on my meeting at the vaccination centre today, those in attendance explained  there are still people who are afraid to be vaccinated because of the risk of death.

“We wish to clarify to those who have not yet registered themselves that the vaccination   is safe and very important to protect them from Covid-19,” she said when met by reporters after monitoring the Vaccination Centre (PPV) at the Dalat Unity Stadium here today.

Fatimah added that as of today (June 12), 789 people had been vaccinated in Dalat. They comprised 467 frontline workers and 322 members of the community in the Dalat district.

“The health department also revealed that 500 people will be vaccinated next week on a daily basis according to the schedule and the supply of vaccines provided for the Dalat district.

“For all those who are registered and also those who have not registered but are eligible, we hope that in August, everyone will be able to get the vaccine dose and the second dose of this vaccine later.

Fatimah (right) at the Vaccination Centre (PPV) at the Dalat Unity Stadium