Markets, food stalls in Mukah closed to make way for active case detection

Pasar Tamu Mukah

MUKAH: Business operations at pasar tamu (jungle produce market), pasar buah (fruit market), pasar serbaguna (one-stop market) as well as gerai kuih-muih (stalls selling local cakes) of the Dalat and Mukah District Council will be temporarily closed for five days starting today (July 9).

The council, in a statement today (July 8), said the reason for the closure is to make way for active case detection and swab tests operations by the Mukah Health office.

All traders and hawkers are required to go to Gerai Kopi Market Dana’s foyer tomorrow (July 9) for the swab test.

The public are advised to not be at the specified locations during the period of closure.

The council will also conduct sanitisation works. Any extension of the closure will be notified later.

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