Matu District Office moves to new location

The Matu District Office now operates at the Bruan Mapal Jaya Matu New Administrative Centre.

MUKAH: The Matu District Office has now been relocated to the Bruan Mapal Jaya New Administrative Centre.

Matu District Officer Wan Hipni Wan Mohamad confirmed the office moved on September 27.

“Our latest correspondence address is Matu District Office, New Administrative Centre, Bruan Jaya, 96250 Matu, Mukah, Sarawak.

“Meanwhile, our new official telephone number is 084-831101, facsimile number 084-831102 and official website,” he said.

The new Matu District Office has two levels. The lower level is for the customer service counter, Bumiputera Court, Community Head Office and Matu District Social Welfare Office while the upper level is for management and administrative activities as well as meeting rooms.

The construction of the RM4.8 million new office was approved almost 10 years ago.

The Public Works Department handed over the building to the Matu District Council on March 30 this year.