Maulidur Rasul greetings for Fatimah

Fatimah (front centre) with Perkim Dalat/Oya members at the event.

OYA: Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Chilhood Development Minister received a rare Maulidur Rasul greeting from the head of Sarawak Roman Catholic Church last Thursday.

Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah said Archbisop Simon Poh was among the non-Muslims who sent greetings through social media to her and her family in conjunction with the Maulidur Rasul celebration.

“I feel touched to receive the greeting from Poh,” she told a Maulidur Rasul ceremony at Masjid At-Taqwa here.

According to her, the greetings by non-Muslims including the head of Roman Catholic Church showed tolerance and understanding among the multi-religious people in Sarawak.

Fatimah, who is also Dalat assemblywoman, said the greetings also showed Sarawakians’ respect for each other.

“This is one of the factors which have contributed to the peaceful situation and racial unity in Sarawak,” she added.

She hoped tolerance and mutual respect among the multi-racial and multi-religious Sarawakians would prevail.

Fatimah urged members of the local Malaysian Muslims Welfare Organisation (Perkim) to continue with their welfare and religious activities.

The minister also pointed out that the various initiatives that had been introduced by the ruling Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government such as the RM1,000 Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS) for newborn babies, RM450 aid for mothers giving birth, special annual grant (RM5,000) to nurseries and kindergartens, and Kenyalang Gold Cards (KGC) as well as death compassionate aid (RM3,000) to next-of-kins KGC holders.

Mukah Division Temenggong Hendi Suhai and Oya sub-district Sarawak administrative officer (SAO) Zalina Sait also attended the event.