KUCHING:  The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in Cyberjaya today released two documents, namely Guidelines on Mergers and Acquisitions and Guidelines on Authorisation of Conduct.

The documents, it added, aimed to increase transparency and provide clarity to the industry on MCMC’s approach when assessing mergers and acquisitions of telecommunication companies as well as authorisation of conduct which would substantially lessen competition in the communications market.

According to MCMC’s chairman Al-Ishsal Ishak, the communications and multimedia industry is a critical component and key contributor to the country’s economy.

Policies that ensure a competitive and forward-looking industry can significantly impact Malaysia’s economic growth.“While mergers and acquisitions  can  allow  our  companies  to  achieve efficiency through greater scale and scope as well as gain access to new technologies and  markets, they can also serve to reduce competition and result in market dominance.

“As the regulator of the communications and multimedia sector, it is imperative that we strike a balance between allowing companies to pursue their corporate strategies and prioritising shareholder returns whilst maintaining competitive dynamics in the market to protect products and services available for consumers and businesses,” Al-Ishsal added.

Further information on the Mergers and Acquisitions Guideline and Authorisation of Conduct Guideline can be  downloaded from  MCMC’s website at the following links: