MCO extension not unexpected

Datuk Peter Minos

KUCHING: The extension of the movement control order (MCO) from June 15 to 28 is not unexpected given the unabated Covid-19 infections and deaths, said Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) chairman Datuk Peter Minos.

He said the continued high figures of infections were indeed worrying and frightening.

“After the two festivities of Raya and Gawai, Covid-19 infections got worse, forcing the government to extend the MCO. It was almost expected,” he said today (June 12).

He said what the people wanted now was for the vaccinations to be done expeditiously.

“Anything done to get rid of Covid-19 is welcomed regardless of the associated pain inflicted. Any action in securing and getting the vaccines and having everyone vaccinated as soon as possible is most appreciated.”

He said it would be great if 80 percent of the Sarawakian population could be vaccinated by August.

At the same time, Minos noted that the people were exhausted and fed up of the pandemic.

He said just seeing how the doctors, nurses, and all the frontliners were slogging away and sweating it out was enough to make the people feel down, in addition to the news of deaths involving Covid-19.

“We just want Covid-19 to be gone as soon as possible and we fully support any government effort and move in achieving that target,” he emphasised.