Loagan Salam 33/11kV Substation

KUCHING: Miri and other areas in the northern region will enjoy more reliable power supply with the upgrading of distribution infrastructure.

Sarawak Energy Group chief executive officer Datuk Sharbini Suhaili said there was consistent and continuous efforts to ensure Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) provide full electricity coverage for the northern region.

“As we work on transmission projects to connect Limbang and Lawas to our main electrical grid, our team is also enhancing and reinforcing the electrical distribution system in Miri, Limbang and Lawas.”

Sharbini also revealed that SEB was building distribution substations, installing equipment and laying additional cables.

“These reinforcement works are being done in phases and we will continue to keep our customers updated on the progress.”

He assured customers that there were measures in place to minimise interruptions and ensure quick restoration during outages.

“As these projects progress, we have put in place contingency measures with a dedicated team to oversee the smooth performance of our supply system.

“The team is on standby to restore supply safely in the shortest time possible should an interruption occurs. We thank our customers in Miri and the northern region for their patience.”

In Miri, the new Eastwood 132kV and 33kV substations costing RM65mil will benefit around 15,000 customers in Miri city, Marina and its surrounding. In addition, the facilities cater to the development at Eastwood Valley with excess power being used for regional load growth.

This year, 33kV supply lines are being installed to link Eastwood substation to the Marina 33kV substation and this will divert supply load at Marina, Luak and Town 33kV susbtations, and work will commence in the fourth quarter of this year, costing RM13mil.

Meanwhile, new 33kV underground supply lines will be laid to provide double circuits linking the new Tudan substation to the new Piasau substation to benefit more than 7,000 households in Piasau and its surrounding areas. This project costs RM18mil, and is also scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

As for the new Miri Town 33kV substation, an extension of the existing substation was also successfully commissioned in January this year. The new indoor substation is critical for stabilising the supply system of Miri’s central business district and surrounding areas.

In Niah and Bekenu, the immediate action plan this year includes installing a voltage regulator to boost supply from the Similajau substation while awaiting the completion of a 33kV Batu Niah substation, which is expected to come online in 2021.

Supply to the area will be further strengthened with an additional injection point from Kg Iran to Sepupok and this will be ready by mid-2021. For now, the team is installing a 5 MVA 33/11kV transformer in Sepupok, which is expected to be commissioned in September this year.

In Marudi, a new 33kV substation is being considered to serve as an additional injection point to the riverine settlement. In the meantime, SEB will work to upgrade the existing supply lines with periodic maintenance to minimise risk of supply interruption.

Currently in Lawas, a new supply source is being introduced from Pulau Salam 33kV substation to improve reliability to more than 800 customers at the Trusan area.

This will shorten the duration of an interruption if any by enabling efficient switching between the supply sources. The project is also expected to be completed by September this year.

Last year, SEB completed the Loagan Salam 33/11kV substation that provided an additional source of supply to Trusan to support the existing main distribution substation.

Additional 33kV overhead supply lines will also be installed to improve electricity reliability to the Sundar area. The project will cater to more than 1,000 customers and is expected to be completed at the end of this year.

This complements the existing supply lines, which have been upgraded from 11kV to 33kV to enhance voltage supply from Pulau Salam 33kV substation to Sundar, and the upgrading of supply lines addresses the issue of overloading in the area, especially during the hot season and festivities.

Furthermore, in Limbang, supply lines between Batu Biah substation and Market substation are being upgraded and a backup for the Pandaruan supply line will be installed by 2021.

This will help stabilise supply to SMK Limbang, SMKA Limbang, Pahlawan village and other villages leading to Pandaruan ICQS complex.