MUKAH: Sarinas Linus Peter, 30, is a travelling barber. He provides free in-home hair care services to the needy in homes and the hospital here.

“In the past, I provided these free haircuts quietly. Then, I realise that the public should be aware of these free services so I have been promoting them on my Facebook.

“Since then, many wanted the services to be extended to homes. I was inspired by my late cousin who died of cancer.

Linus giving a free haircut at the hospital.

“He passed away in April and before that, he jokingly asked when I could give him a free haircut and groom him,” revealed Linus yesterday.

Because he could not fulfill his late cousin’s wish before he died, Linus was inspired to help the needy instead.

“The service is undeniably exhausting but I forget how tired I am when I see their big smiles and immense joy,” he said.

“In a week, I usually receive requests for two to three free haircuts. The most I have ever done is serving seven homes in a week while the farthest trips I have made were to Kampung Jebungan and Kampung Judan.”

Linus added that if someone wanted to pay him, he usually explained that the services he gave are free.

Linus at his own barber shop.

“The charity work that I do has made me realise how much I appreciate life. While cutting their hair, I also pray for good health to those I help.

“It is also a challenge for me to keep my emotions under control. Sometimes, I cannot control my emotions and tears will automatically run down my face,” he said, adding that now his haircutting skill is his main source of income.

Linus added that sometimes older people wanted their hair styled (permed and coloured).

He will charge them according to how much they can afford.

Linus has his own barber shop but rising rental prices as well as being new in the business are challenges for him. Instead, he prefers to be a travelling or mobile barber.

He urged those who needed his services around Mukah to call him.

“Some people are afraid to invite the barbers to their home because they fear there will be charges,” he said.

Linus added that all those who received his haircut services came from various backgrounds in Mukah and some are now his regular customers and friends.