Minister and Miri DDMC survey situation at Miri Civic Centre

Lee (standing at the front) surveying the process of issuance of release orders as well as removal of wristbands at the Miri Civic Centre.

MIRI: Sarawak Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin, together with the Miri Divisional Disaster Management Committee (DDMC), paid a visit to the Miri Civic Centre on Friday (June 4) to survey the process of issuance of release orders as well as removal of wristbands at the facility.

Lee, who is also minister-in-charge of Miri DDMC, said the people present at the facility were those who had completed a quarantine period of 14 days and their swab test results were negative as well.

“They come here to get their release order and also to remove the wristband. This facility is more suitable at it has a spacious carpark and available seating – it is more comfortable.”

The Miri Civic Centre started being fully utilised as a facility for release order issuance and wristband removal on May 31. Before that, release order issuance and wristband removal were done at the Covid-19 One Stop Centre (OSC) at Miri Indoor Stadium.

Taking into account the congested conditions and the importance of adhering to the Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP), Miri DDMC chose to open up another facility specially reserved for release order issuance and wristband removal in order to ease the congestion at the facility.

Lee said before this, the condition at the OSC was not comfortable as many people came to undergo swab tests.

Pointing out that the Covid-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) was operating at the Miri Open Stadium, he said Miri Division had three facilities with Covid-19 management capabilities.

He explained that the Miri Indoor Stadium was now specifically used for swab-taking activities, issuance of quarantine orders, and putting on of monitoring wristbands only.

“We are under the movement control order (MCO) from May 29 until June 14. As such, I urge citizens of Miri to comply with all the SOPs set. This is very important in order to curb the Covid-19 pandemic. The cooperation of the people themselves is needed.”

With regard to the traffic flow congestion at all roadblock locations in Miri on Thursday, Lee said that the traffic flow on Friday was smoother and the amount of traffic was less compared to the previous day.

“Yesterday, it was found that after the two-day holiday, there are workers who still had not obtained a confirmation letter from their employers.

“However, the roadblock information reported to me today confirmed that traffic flow is smoother and road users who passed by the roadblocks gave good cooperation by showing their employer confirmation letter. In addition, most of them are under essential services.”