Minister assessing situation at Kuching Barrage

(second right) visited the Kuching Barrage operations room to assess the situation at the Sungai Sarawak catchment areas.

KUCHING: Sarawak Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin visited the Kuching Barrage to assess the water level within the Sungai Kuching catchment areas, which rose due to non-stop heavy rain that coincided with the king tide on Wednesday (Jan 13).

This caused several low-lying areas here to experience flooding.

Lee said 22 telemetry stations provided continuous real-time data and the information would be factored in by the Kuching Barrage operator, Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB) and his ministry in decision making.

SRB is responsible for regulating the discharge of excess water from the Sungai Sarawak catchment areas into the sea.

Lee added that SRB teams were sent to villages where the telemetry stations are located.

The teams also demonstrated and explained to villagers on the need to move to high ground once sirens are activated because of rising water level.

A 24-hour operations room at SRB headquarters linked to the Kuching Barrage operations room had been activated to closely monitor the situation.

“Those living in low-lying areas have to be vigilant and constantly follow the advice of the authorities,” advised Lee.