Minister suggests starter kit for students taking skills courses

KUCHING: Minister of Welfare, Community Well Being, Women, Family and Childhood Development Datuk Fatimah Abdullah suggested that it is necessary provide starter kit to students who participate in skills courses provided by the ministry in collaboration with training providers.
She said her ministry will identify the type of materials and items needed by the students to start their business.

“For instance, the students who are involved in Spa and Massage which are approved by the academy, initially, they need Spa bed and a few basic items which roughly will cost a total of about RM1,000,” said Fatimah.

She pointed this out when speaking to reporters after officiating at the 2nd Convocation Ceremony of Rafflesia Academy on Aethestic Services at Merdeka Palace Hotel, on last Tuesday.

She said, through the starter kit comprising basic items to start the business, will give a big impact to the students who are mostly trying to get involved in the business field.

“The starter kit will not be limited to the involved in Spa and Massage course only, but it also will be given to the students involved in cooking course, bakery course, and others,” she suggested.

She also said that, she herself will allocate some fund to provide starter kit to the students who come from her constituency in Dalat.

“For encouragement, I will utilise the allocation from my Minor Rural Project (MRP) grant to assist the students who come from Dalat area,” she explained.
Fatimah also stated that her ministry will plan to collaborate with certain agencies to provide the e-commerce training to students.

“E-commerce training is to expose and teach them the right ways of product marketing and their services through online,” she said.