Ministry launches Integrity Week

Hii Chang Kee

KUCHING: The permanent secretary to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Hii Chang Kee says it is important for civil servants to perform their duties with integrity.

“Integrity is good ethics and values that will affect people’s trust in civil servants. Therefore, it is among the important principles that must be present within an organisation and an individual.” 

He said the purpose of the ministry’s Integrity Week was to inculcate the spirit of integrity in the office.

The launch was officiated by Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, the Minister of Youth and Sports,  today.

“This will help to remind the ministry’s staff to practice integrity in performing their daily duties and responsibilities,” Hii added.

Various programmes have been organised for the week (Oct 23 to 30) to create awareness and further inculcate integrity among the ministry’s staff.

“Among the programmes organised for this week are Organisational Anti-Corruption Plan workshop, a talk on the offences stipulated in the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission Act 2009 and on the offences such as absent without leave, drug abuse, sexual harassment and false claim stipulated in the General Order and Integrity Quiz.

“Besides that, we will also have a briefing on the whistleblowing policy and ‘No Gift’ policy.”

Meanwhile, in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul there will be a talk titled ‘Rasulullah Model Integrity yang Unggul’ for Muslims and a video on integrity titled ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’.