Ministry to boost intelligence in society

Saifuddin speaks to the press. At left is his deputy Zahidi and director-general Suriani at right. Photo: Bernama

PUTRAJAYA: Boosting intelligence in society will be the new objective of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM), said its minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

Explaining that “intelligence” here referred to a society which is capable of procuring knowledge and skills, and will benefit from it, Saifuddin said this objective was in line with the ministry’s vision to create a society which is connected, informed, creative and has embraced the digital culture.

Saifuddin said the country was faced with various global developments which affect society, such as the borderless world, digital culture and economy, as well as the opportunities and challenges within its proximities.

He said the economy today was global and intangible, and dependent on the innovation of ideas, information and connectivity between people, based on a wide electronic network.

“In this context, communications is not just a sector. Communications is economy. This is why we have to boost intelligence in society,” he said in a press conference held at the ministry here yesterday. 

Saifuddin said to achieve this objective, a participatory approach involving the government, business sector and civil society will be used.

For this, he said, a Communications and Multimedia Consultative Council will be formed, comprising stakeholders in legislative and policy areas, as well as the ministry’s programmes.

He added that the ministry’s policies and programmes which have been implemented or are being drawn up will be continued to ensure continuity in providing service to the people, while improvements and new approaches will also be implemented.

“At the same time, the ministry’s current mission will be continued,” he said, adding that this mission was to strengthen an informed and connected society, through the dissemination of quality and effective information. 

The mission, he said, will be to strengthen the digital telecommunications network and infrastructure, as well as social communications, besides expanding the country’s creative industry.

“We will also focus efforts on increasing digital access, opportunities and dividends to all levels of society, and ensuring that no one is marginalised,” he said.

He added that the efforts will also focus on upholding media freedom without compromising on fake news, and upholding the nation’s security and sovereignty from cyber-attacks. – Bernama