Ministry to probe ferry ramp incident

Julaihi (second right) and Safri (second left) talking to the contractor of the maintenance project at the ferry ramp.

KUCHING: The Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development will conduct a detailed investigation into an incident where a tubular metal fell on a disembarking car at the Rambungan ferry ramp.

Assistant Minister Datuk Julaihi Narawi said that the ministry has ordered the Public Works Department (JKR) Sarawak to investigate the incident.

During the incident at 8.30 am on June 9, a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) was disembarking from a ferry when a tubular metal suddenly fell onto the vehicle.

The car was badly damaged by the object which fell on the bonnet of the vehicle.

Fortunately, two persons inside the vehicle who were on their way to Kuching via the Rambungan ferry service were unhurt.

Julaihi and the ministry’s permanent secretary Datuk Safri Zainudin as well as several ministry officials rushed to the scene upon receiving a report about the incident.

They were accompanied by JKR Sarawak officials to see and get first-hand information from the contractor and ferry operator of what happened during the incident.

Meanwhile, maintenance works at the ferry ramp and other construction works near the ramp have been ordered to stop after the incident.

The ministry assured that it would assist the victims to obtain compensation for damages incurred.